Trekking in Nepal

The word “Trek” is derived from South African journey or stage of a journey by ox or wagon. Trekking in Nepal means an adventurous outdoor walking (generally four to six hours) on a multi-day basis holiday trip for people who enjoy nature, wildlife, Himalayan scenery and mountains. Trekking can be done on various levels from basic (easy) to challenging fitness requirement. Having such holidays allow you the opportunity to discover the Mighty Himalayas, authentic local culture and witness the captivating ancient rituals and traditions. Trekking can be tailored along with other activities such as climbing or mountaineering skills based excursion or jungle safari adventure or Himalayan river rafting or cycling or mountain flight trip. Generally, most people with basic fitness level will be able to enjoy a trekking holiday trip. Mostly these holidays will use guides and assistants that allow you to walk free of carrying your heavy rucksack so that you can enjoy to experience the Himalayas at the fullest.


Nepal, an epitome of Himalayan adventure, is a land of world’s eight of the 14 highest mountains, each higher than 8000 meter. Nepal’s stunning landscape diversifies extensively from tropical plains of Southern region at 70 meter to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8,850 meter in its North. The host of flora and fauna adds more to the varied wonders that one can explore in this amazing land. Nepal is home to Nepalese whose hospitality is widely known all over the world. Nepal’s opulent historic architecture, culture and its authentic tradition further contributes the cause of enthrallment to its mounting figure of visitors every year.

Mystical Kathmandu Discovery
This trek is perfect for family, friends and all level of trekkers and also if you have time limitation. You will experience the pananormic views of Himalaya, culture, people, ancient palaces, temples and stupas such as Boudhanath. Boudhanath or Boudha as locally known is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal. This Buddhist monument’s (stupa) enormous mandala creates one of the largest spherical stupas in the world. It embodies a significant place for Buddhists for pilgrimage and meditation practice.


Beautiful Annapurna Trek
Experience one of the world’s most beautiful regions in amazing setting of surrounded giant mountains, home to abundant species of birds, butterflies and lush rhododendron forests, a varied set of local flora and fauna, the world’s highest lake and deepest gorge, high passes with famous pilgrimage sites, ancient villages, diverse culture, people and picturesque views.

Majestic Everest Trek
Travel with us to the land of the legendary Sherpas, where you will enter Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park and see five gigantic snow-capped peaks of over 8000 meter high including the majestic Everest (8850m) and the beautiful Amadablam (6856m). Moreover, stunningly beautiful views with amazing alpine lakes, Buddhist ancient monasteries and mythical Yeti await you

Langtang pts
Spellbinding Langtang Trek
Langtang is one of the largest National Park area and a stunningly beautiful trekking Himalayan region, located north of Kathmandu near the border of Tibet to its north, which encompasses the massif of Ganesh Himal (7600m) and Langtang Himal (7227m) with spectacular sacred lakes including Gosainkunda, a diverse flora and fauna, ancient monasteries and unique culture.